How often do you get new merchandise?    EVERYDAY!  We can get up to 200 items in one day.

How long has Auntie TE's been in business?    We are celebrating over 31 years in business with locations previously in Annandale and Springfield.

Do you offer online shopping?    We do!  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (@auntietes).  We ship also!

Do you offer sales and events?    Absolutely- sign up for our email notifications (on the Contact Us page) and we will send you updates on sales and, most importantly, OUR PARTIES!  We have killer parties that are catered and tons of fun.  Don't miss out!

What is your consignment policy?    Please check out our "Consign" section.

Why are you so picky?  We know our clients and their likes/dislikes.  We want you to make money!  Styles that just aren't selling anymore are items we will not accept.  We know what flies out our door and what doesn't.

No business suits?  High heels?  Again, we know what our clients want.  Since switching to a more casual work environment, business suits just don't sell anymore.  And women desire more comfortable shoes.  Please contact Dress for Success to donate your lightly worn suits to women trying to enter  (or re-enter) the work force.